watch student films

Note: The selection below includes a small sample of student films produced before 2018. We unfortunately cannot publish more recent Prague Film School films here as many are still being submitted to festivals around the world.

Yana by Boris Nikolov

7, rue de l'arbalète by Giovanni Fumu

Brothers by Marcus Schwenzel

Lucie by Ran Li

Siren of Gorgon by Matisse Forman

The Eccentric Life of Gustav .W by Matisse Forman

A Spot of Light by Manuel Vitali

Lars Jensen by J.C. Cader

Fame by Joona Saastamoinen

Naughty Amelia Jane by Risheeta Agrawal

6/8 by Cadence Nelson

Miss Vesela by Anne Svejgard Lund

Scammed by Benjamin Innbjør Bargård, Hassam Mairaj and Olle Öberg

The Hill by Anca Paunesco

Rider on the Storm by Juliette Clara Bertoldo

Woods by Sean van Leijenhorst

The Banshee by Sean van Leijenhorst

Monster by Holden McNeil