Martyna Daniel

I really think the time I spent in Prague was the happiest year of my life so far… I was involved in so many shoots, learned a lot, met incredibly interesting people. This school is exactly what I always dreamed about, a creative environment where your ideas no matter what they are are respected and criticized in a healthy atmosphere. I have now started a film production company with friends that I met at school. Friends that now became my co-workers and family…


Anirudh Punj

Best School I’ve Ever Been To! PERIOD


Xander Turian

My time at Prague Film School is probably the best investment I have made in my personal development and career as an actor. The skills that I learned in class, the contacts that I made through acting in the student film projects, the extra curricular opportunities given to me and the support given to me from the faculty both during and after my studies have been immeasurably valuable to creating the foundation upon which I have managed to build a successful career as a working screen actor and coach.


Matthieu Holleville

A wonderfull team of teachers and staff right in the center of Prague.


Frederico Velez

It’s definitely a fantastic program and an amazing school. The amount of equipment that we have at our disposal and the supporting teaching to back it up is a great combination.


STUDIN – Study International (go to STUDIN’s website)

We’ve been sending our Swedish students to Prague Film Schools for years now. Their programmes are intensive, hands-on and in a great location in Prague. The staff are great and have great experience. We highly recommend PFS for our students and future students. Sincerely, Quang


Maurice Murage

I had an amazing time during the Summer Workshop. The lecturers are very professional and the entire atmosphere for the school is just amazing. I would highly recommend PFS for any enthusiastic filmmakers.

Nizah Elias

The summer program here is intensive. But I know more about film now than I ever have. It’s really good if you’re trying to get your basis of filmmaking right and it goes up to a moderately intermediate level. Not only do you make your own short film you get to work on other projects and it gives you a great practical experience. People of all ages and from different parts of the world. I highly recommend PFS.

video testimonials

the lunchbreak series

We asked some of our students to share their experience on camera, in a collection of videos we call Lunchbreak.