technical school facilities

Professional filmmaking equipment and easy access to it are important components of the Prague Film School experience. Mastering the technical craft of filmmaking requires regular practice with camera, lights and sound gear. The school possesses professional-level equipment adequate for most shooting situations and in numbers more than sufficient to cater to all students in the program. The equipment can be checked out by any student any time.

camera equipment

RED Epic Dragon, Arri Alexa Classic / Plus / Mini, Arri SRIII, RED MX, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Sony 4K XDCam. Carl Zeiss super 35 mm and super 16 mm format cinema lenses, CP2 lenses and Nikon full frame primes. Tiffen and Haida filters. Sachtler and Manfrotto video tripods. Dollies, GFM mini jib, camera sliders, Steady Cam, handheld rigs, wireless focus and video assist solutions.


Lighting kits include Dedolights (100W 12V), Dedolight HMIs (400/575W), Quarzbeams (800W 220V), Desisti / Arri Fresnels (650W 220V), Kinoflo softlights (daylight/tungsten, 2-4 tubes, 220V), Arri HMIs (575W, 1200W, 1200W PAR, 2500W, 4000W), flags, scrims, color correction and effect gels, and other equipment.


For sound production, students work with Sennheiser directional, shotgun, omni or wireless microphones, Premix 6 or sound devices portable mixers, Fostex and Marantz solid state disc recorders.


Post-Production facilities offers 40 editing stations with the latest film industry version of Avid Media Composer. The school also has DaVinci Resolve color correction software and grading facilities and students taking animation and post-production fx courses can use Adobe After Effects and other animation software.


The school boasts an interior studio set, green screen facilities, sound post-production suites, and a recording booth equipped with Pro Tools for dubbing and sound effects.

film library

Students have access to over 2,000 films from Czech, European and World cinema and a collection of technical and pedagogical literature in the fields of directing, acting, screenwriting, cinematography, documentary, lighting and filmmaking in general.

school lounge

The school has a lounge serving as a refuge and meeting point for faculty, staff and students alike.

school building

The building, a UNESCO heritage site dating back to the 11th century and reconstructed in the nineties, provides an interesting backdrop to the otherwise very up-to-date xeon processors and digital technology humming away at the school. Beautifully reconstructed, the sedate, atmospheric building is an ideal location for concentrated study or work. The school is located in one of the oldest parts of old-world Prague, smack in the center of the historic city.

school information system

Students are kept informed about the academic calendar, special events, projects, grades and more via its internal information system “Alice.”

production expertise and support

The school’s production office has developed a substantial network of institutional, private and other contacts in order to help students with arranging locations, actors, costumes, props and solving other problems.


The school helps students with securing permissions from Prague municipal offices, companies and organizations and with getting production access to such venues as Czech Railways, the Prague Airport, the Prague Metro, hospitals, museums, galleries and more.


The first stop for filmmakers seeking actors is of course the Acting for Film program within the school. Students in the acting program come to Prague Film School already with substantial theater training. Should students be unable to find whom they need among the acting students, Prague Film School has its own database of 300 semi-professional actors: children, adults and seniors. For special roles, the school has agreements with local casting agencies that can organize individual castings for student films.

costume and props

Prague Film School partners with Barrandov Film Studios costume department and students receive substantial discounts when using Barrandov’s services. The costume department offers a resource of 240,000 costumes and 60,000 props – its collection is among the largest in Europe. It is a great source of inspiration for set designers, art directors and our students.